Correctly Marketing Rental Properties

By Michael Walkden

Recently we were engaged by a landlord to let and manage their investment property in Ashford, 1 Syme St. The property was previous under a management with a “boutique” agency which for the preceding 6 months they had tried to lease the property and had no success with their marketing or strategy.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 27th July we were engaged by the landlord, within 24 hours the property was released to the market utilising our marketing strategy.

This morning, 30th July, we had 13 groups attend the first inspection with 5 application documents been provided to attendees.

For a property which has previously been on the market and perceived to be “stale” a new approach and agent can reinvigorate and re-attract prospective tenants to enquire or view the property.

Stay tune to find out the result of this inspection within the next few days.

For further information contact Ray White West Torrens on 08 7070 0595

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