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Your quick style guide: love your carpet

By Michael Walkden


A good carpet can make or break your real estate when it comes to aesthetics, durability and comfort. The right floor covering is integral to making the most of your home, so it’s best to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you’re looking to update your style.

Here is a crash course in everything carpet.


There are many different types of carpet in Australasia, but they generally fall into two groups: tufted or woven. Woven carpets tend to be more expensive, as they are created on looms rather than the less labour-intensive sewing action used in tufted. Woven carpets are also more durable, sometimes lasting up to 21 years before needing replacement – three times the life of a tufted alternative.


If you want a strong, soft, quiet and renewable fibre, go for wool. It’s also a fantastic insulator and once you’ve finished with it, you’ll be happy to know that it is fully biodegradable and won’t increase your carbon footprint.

Nylon carpets, on the other hand, has versatility and variability on its side. It readily accepts dye and is easily manipulated into many different carpet styles, while also retaining strength and durability. It is, however, a synthetic fibre, so it may be less environmentally-friendly than other choices.

Finally, polypropylene offers a lot to people on a budget. It’s synthetic and readily available, making it a cheaper option. They are colourfast and relatively stain-resistant, but they do not last as long as other alternatives.

There are plenty of other fibres used, and blends have their own unique positives and negatives. Make sure you ask your vendor about the best choice for your needs.


There are as many styles as there are carpets really. Plush, shag, sisal, velvet and berber are just a few that you will encounter. They will either be cut or loop: that is, whether the strands loop back to the backing or not. These will result in very different textures and maintenance requirements, so make sure to enquire as to which you are buying into before you make the purchase.

A good carpet can last many years with the right maintenance, and can make or break the deal when it comes to put your house up for sale. It may be often forgotten, but what lies beneath your feet could be the most important part of your entire interior design.

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