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What is an auction marketing plan?

By Michael Walkden


One of the many benefits of selling your Australasian property through auction is the implementation of an auction marketing plan by your real estate agent. Since an auction is designed to be done and dusted very quickly, this marketing plan uses aggressive strategies to ensure that your property receives as much attention as possible from prospective buyers and, hence, the best auction results.

This means that come auction day, you have as many buyers with as much competitive spirit as possible, driving up the excitement and prices along with it!


Properties advertised online with a floorplan can receive up to 30 per cent more enquiries than those without!

There are certain things that are absolute must-haves for an auctioned property. These are techniques that you should absolutely consider enabling your agent to use if you want the best result for your auction.

Professional photography

You might consider yourself a snap-happy pro with a camera, but there is a specific set of skills required to ensure that your property looks its best when it comes to bringing in prospective buyers.

Press releases and copywriting

These press releases make sure that your property’s top features are immediately known to everyone, capturing attention both locally and nationally.

Floor plans

Professional, computer-generated floor plans mean that your buyers know the layout of your property and means that there is less confusion post-inspections. In fact, we’ve found that properties advertised online with a floor plan can receive up to 30 per cent more enquiries than those without!


These are the head-turners – the stuff that gets the average person driving along your street to notice your property. This can range from photoboards to stockboards to window displays in a local real estate agent office. Combine all three to ensure that you have all your bases covered!


What would the modern world be without the internet? Any smart marketing plan will include an online component. Getting featured on your agent’s website as well as associated real estate portals means that people who are already looking for property are more likely to end up at your auction.


Physical media still has its place. Your agent will use brochures, flyers, letterbox drops, features in local magazines as well as full-page prints in national newspapers. GfK research has shown that print media has the highest return of investment of any advertising (130 per cent) for businesses – why should your auction be any different?

For more information on how to sell your property at auction, contact a local real estate agent today!

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