Western & Beachside Market Insight

By Michael Walkden

According to a report provided by powerhouse real estate website, Domain, for the month of July there is currently 1,933 listings on the market in the Western & Beachside suburbs of Adelaide.

The top 5 suburbs with the highest percentage of new properties include:

#1 Birkenhead – 66.7%

#2 Thebarton – 60%

#3 Semaphore South – 55.6%

#4 West Richmond – 50%

#5 Woodville Gardens – 50%

The top 5 suburbs with the most new listings include:

#1 West Lakes – 18

#2 Seaton – 13

#3 Somerton Park – 12

#4 Glenelg North – 12

#5 Glenelg – 10

Of the total listings available, 1933, a staggering 381 or 19.7% are new to the market.

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