Team West Torrens Creates A Huge Auction Result In Woodville Gardens

By Michael Walkden

On Saturday 3rd June 2017, lead marketing and real estate agent Laurie Berlingeri embarked on the auction of 42 Second Ave Woodville Gardens.

The home, being essentially land value, attracted over 70 groups of aspiring home owners, developers, renovators and first home buyers.

Having been well marketed and exposed to a number of different buyer segments competition was truely created.

12 groups registered with ambitions to fight it out and take the rights to ownership.

The market opened up bidding at a very low $270,000, however, the market quickly responded with a bold bid of $300,000.

Bidding was fought out with all parties showing no signs of mercy and incrementally landing at $437,000.

A final blow of, a minimal, $3,000 ended up knocking all other bidders out and allowing the eventual bidder to secure the property for a huge $440,000, being well in excess of the agents estimated sales price. The eventual sales price largely driven by Laurie’s ability to properly market and attract buyers to the home creating the necessary competition and emotion to drive the sales result to a level not expected.

Congratulations to the vendor and purchaser of 42 Second Ave Woodville Gardens

Successful Purchaser of 42 Fourth Ave Woodville North – Laurie Berlingeri Ray White West Torrens

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