Most Walkable Adelaide Suburbs Revealed

By Michael Walkden

The City of Churches, Adelaide, is generally a pretty convenient place to live as well as being known for being one of the most liveable cities in the world!

According to an article recently published online at and written by Tom Bowden identifies some of the states most walkable suburbs as recognised by

Coming in at #1 is the suburb of Adelaide

1. Adelaide scoring a massive 90

2. Glenelg coming in second at 87

3. Stepney 86

4. Norwood 85

5. North Adelaide, Hilton, Hyde Park & Exeter equally scoring 83

6. Goodwood & Unley both achieving 82

7. Semaphore — 81

8. Mile End — 79

9. Kingswood, College Park & West Hindmarsh — 78

10. Kensington & Hawthorn coming in equally last at 77

It’s pleasing to see that out of the top 10 it was dominated by the Western & Beachside region with 5 suburbs being included, another reason this particular region is highly sought after!

If you have any questions on how your suburb fairs or how it can affect the value of your home or investment contact one of our real estate agents or property managers on 08 7070 0595.

Adelaide’s Most Walkable Suburbs

to view the originating article visit it here

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